About Abby

Hi! I’m Abby, a mom first and girl boss second.  As an independent woman trying to have it all: career, business, and home life, I will be the first to tell you – it’s NOT easy!  BUT I will also tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE.

I used to have two businesses: health and fitness coaching as well as representing Mary Kay Cosmetics.   How did these two go together? Well my passion has always been to empower women to see their beauty and find their passion which I firmly believe starts with how you feel and see yourself!

You see, I started my first business after my husband of 9 years passed away in 2011 and I had to provide for my two young daughters.  When the opportunity presented itself, I was wanting to provide the life I felt they deserved while having a flexible schedule.  In my heart, I knew this was the right decision for us.

Fast forward to 2020 and my girls are growing up into beautiful and independent young women. I have a job that I had once considered my dream job as an internal auditor in the public sector but the last year has shown me that my true passion is what I’ve known since the first accounting class I took my senior year of high school: accounting/bookkeeping. From there my mom taught me to do taxes, which I’ve been doing for friends and family for the last 6-7 years. It all just clicked one morning! That was my “Ah-ha!” moment.

Now I have an insanely supportive partner, who has shown me that there is more to life than just working my ass off in a regular 9-5 and that there can be happiness after such a tremendous loss. He has been my biggest supporter (right after my girls) and encourages me to follow my dreams. Which is exactly what I’m doing! If any of my story resonated with you, feel free to reach out and let me know!

Entrepreneurs, are you ready to take that leap of faith?!  Let’s talk! 💋

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