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For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Abby and I am behind Beautiful You by Abby (hence the name *wink wink*). I’m a single mom who has always wanted to provide the best life for my two girls. That’s a little hard to do when you don’t see the beauty within yourself first.
  • From a young age, I have always felt less than and even as I got older, that feeling seemed to amplify. I turned to food for comfort, specifically anything carb filled and the most sugary drinks you can think of. Next thing I knew, my highest weight was pushing into the 230s.
  • I did everything you could possibly think of: diet pills, starving, extreme exercising, etc. All unhealthy ways of eating as you can see and while I saw short term results, the weight would just pile right back on. I eventually tried things like Weight Watchers and going to a women’s only gym on my lunch breaks. I managed to drop 15lbs!
  • But then like I tend to do, I blame my busy life for slacking and then not going to the gym and then it turned into not eating right. For the last 10 years, my weight has fluctuated and it was when I couldn’t fit into my regular size 16 jeans, that I realized I needed to make a change. Insert the Keto Diet. After having been on Keto for almost a year, I realized that I was getting bored with the meals.
  • I started thinking back to when I felt my best and it was definitely when I was working out. The feeling of completing workouts and eating healthy is AMAZING. Not to mention, the amazing support from a group of women who are also on this journey to better themselves. We support one another and get to do this awesome journey together. My goal is to provide you with the most exceptional mentoring and motivation to ensure you reach your goals. Most importantly, I want to help you be the BEST you that you can be. I want you to find your Beautiful You. So will you join me on this journey? If so, fill out the form below for more information!
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